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Looking back over the projects we’ve completed; we have seen some property in terribly unloved states!

Whether it be through disrepair, previous owners not being able to keep up with repairs, fire, damp, properties trapped in a time warp, flooding, trees growing through walls or causing issues with foundations, shoddy previous work and even one where a tenant did their own renovation of a lovely flat into a drugs green house, we have literally seen (and sorted) it all!

Building standards have improved hugely over the last 30 years and what was deemed as being acceptable years ago may not be acceptable now. Safety is paramount and working on large renovation projects, it’s essential to get back to bare bones and start from there. Sometimes that can be quite scary!

We’ve tackled all sorts and with older property, sometimes there are surprises from undiscovered fireplaces, to hidden storage rooms right through to a full well. We’ll work with you and find the right solution when the unexpected comes along.

Take a look at some of the refurbishment works completed here:

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