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Over the course of an average life, Brits spend 72 minutes a day rustling up their favourite dishes in the Kitchen, according to a study by AGA Cookshop, who commissioned the survey of 30,000 UK adults. That’s without using the kitchen table as an office, arts and craft space or clothes horse!

Our team will come together to help to design and create the busy hub of your home, that family space where everyone can be together or the perfect space to create a romantic meal.

Whether it’s fitting kitchens ranging from bargain retailers made to look high end to top end hand built units and bespoke finishings, creating kitchens is one of the things that our construction teams and carpenters do best.

They’ll help to arrange, purchase and fit, giving you their expertise on what might be amazing and what may need some minor adjustment to get it just the way you want!

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